converting vmdk to qcow2 in Linux

vdmk file extension is used by HyperV
qcow2 file extension used by UNL(Unified Network Lab) – Ubuntu

Login as root and run the following commands

If you dont have the qemu-img package or repo yet, download it using the following commands from various linux flavours


Oracle Linux

Fedora / you can use yum as well!


Using LDAP and PHP to communicate with Active Directory

A simple function that authenticates your user in LDAP active directory  using PHP,

credits to Joe from

Orbi App!

Check out this app made by the dude from !

Orbi is a social experience built around the creation of 9 second voice notes.
Do you love to sing? Rap? Beatbox? Or can you crack wicked jokes? Reel out punchlines? And impersonate voices? Are you looking for a new, incredibly fun social experience? Orbi is a new, exciting social app built to get millions of people around the world talking again.

But Orbi is not just an app. It is a growing community of people empowered to tell their stories and connect with others on a more humane level. In an age of texts, pics, likes, and shares, hearing a voice makes us more human again.

On Orbi, you can:
– Push-to-talk for up to 9 seconds and say something memorable
– Attach a caption and picture to make your orbs more awesome
– Connect to Twitter to broadcast your voice to your followers
– Discover and follow people creating great content
– Create and find trending topics through hashtags

‘Tried to save an object with a new, unsaved child.’ swift parse

Have you encountered this problem using swift? I did, and I went mental for days, I posted questions on forums, parse google group, and stackoverflow. Luckily after 3 days, someone replied to my question in stackoverflow, finally a relief.  I’ll provide a solution for you.

If you are trying to present a view after logging in, where the next view you presented has a query in it, this will trigger the error.

I honestly think this is a small flaw from Parse’s side. Anyway, here’s what got mine fixed.

Seems, like you have to save first before running a query. Just make sure the currentUser is saved first by checking objectID.