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Install Django 2 in Mac with Pip and Virtual Env

In this post, you will be able to accomplish the following: Install Python3 on Mac Install pip3 on Mac Install and run a Django 2 project brew install python                      note: If you get this kind of error, run the following below.             

        then this:

run ptyhon3 to check if python is successfully installed.           

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Swift web framework and HTTP server on Linux

You ever thought of writing all your codes in Swift? Now you can, with IBM’s Kitura, a Swift web framework and HTTP server that runs on OS X or Linux. Requirements Ubuntu 16.04 Swift 4 Git Open your terminal and download these requirements. Downloading and installing git

Download OpenSSL and libssl-dev

Now, download swift 4.

After downloading and installing everything, untar the swift 4 file by running

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Postfix Configuration using Mac OS X

What is postfix? Postfix is a native mail transfer agent for sending emails, it is natively installed in OS X, all I’m going to show is how to configure it. Open your terminal and log in as a root user. Next, enter this line, “vi /etc/postfix/” without the quotes,  add this line

save the file, google “how to use vi” if you aren’t familiar with it. We need to

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Could not locate configuration file: ‘GoogleService-Info.plist’

As we know that firebase keeps updating their API due to Apple’s Swift 4 coming out, and found this issue today while implementing Firebase API, here’s a quick fix for you. When you are connecting your xcode project file after installing your pod, and you already added, FirebaseApp.configure() inside didFinishLaunchingWihtOptions function, and imported Google-Service-info.plist, select the GoogleService-info.plist and select your projects name under Target Membership(right panel). Build and run your

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converting vmdk to qcow2 in Linux

vdmk file extension is used by HyperV qcow2 file extension used by UNL(Unified Network Lab) – Ubuntu If you are  working on .ova file the best thing to do is to extract it first using this command

  Login as root and run the following commands

If you dont have the qemu-img package or repo yet, download it using the following commands from various linux flavours Ubuntu

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