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Autocomplete with Xcode7-beta5 using Parse 1.7.5 library

Today I tried implementing Parse library by downloading the SDK(iOS) from and drag&dropped both Parse.framework & Bolts.framework. After creating a bridging header for it to work with swift(parse library is built with Objective-C),  I started coding and suddenly blocks wont autocomplete. Code is working but it’s not highlighted with colors, it’s just white, and I want my codes to be grouped by colors. Plus, working without autocomplete is such pain. Autocomplete

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animateWithDuration from swift 1.3 to swift 2.0

animateWithDuration from swift 1.3 to swift 2.0

Working with Parse & Swift 2.0

Download the complete project file. | Download Parse is a back-end provider for you app or any other platform, it’s the best solution for you online & offline back-ends. Let’s get started, create a Parse account. You can sign up at using your Facebook, Github, or Google+ account, or by email. Go to and click Create a New App. Name your app Paws and hit create. In the

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Working with UIAlertController [Swift 2.0]

  Design a view similar to the screenshot shown As shown in the screenshot, alert was triggered when you didn’t provide you password, here’s the code.

The code if your passwordTextfield & confirmPasswordTextfield does not match.

And if you want to add cancel button to your alertView Controller.

I’ll be writing more detailed information about UIAlertViewController .

Initializing variables cleaner with xcode7 beta-5 & swift2

Sometimes when creating a variable, a couple of alerts warnings shows up, “variable was not initialize” “variable ‘ ‘ was written but never used” Most of Us ignores it and go on, but if you want your code to be cleaner, warning-free project, here’s a work around for you.


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