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Autocomplete with Xcode7-beta5 using Parse 1.7.5 library

Today I tried implementing Parse library by downloading the SDK(iOS) from and drag&dropped both Parse.framework & Bolts.framework.

After creating a bridging header for it to work with swift(parse library is built with Objective-C),  I started coding and suddenly blocks wont autocomplete. Code is working but it’s not highlighted with colors, it’s just white, and I want my codes to be grouped by colors. Plus, working without autocomplete is such pain.

Autocomplete means when you type a method from a certain library a dropdown list of methods will show sensing from the first two letters you typed. It is also known as IntelliSense if you are using Microsoft IDE’s, sometimes programmers use the term code completion as well.

The work around for me solving this problem is by implementing Parse library using cocoapods.

  1. Open your Terminal
  2. type “sudo gem install cocoapods”
  3. after typing your password(computer’s user account password), go to your projects root folder using your Terminal.
  4. type “nano Podfile” in Terminal to create a file called Podfile inside your project folder.
  5. inside Podfile, type the following
  6. pod ‘Parse’, ‘~> 1.7.5’
  7. press ctrl+X, press Y, and hit enter, to leave the editor.
  8. in Terminal, type “pod install”

and done!

Works with Xcode7-beta5, Swift2, and Parse 1.7.5

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“Autocomplete with Xcode7-beta5 using Parse 1.7.5 library”

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