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Swift web framework and HTTP server on Linux

You ever thought of writing all your codes in Swift? Now you can, with IBM’s Kitura, a Swift web framework and HTTP server that runs on OS X or Linux. Requirements Ubuntu 16.04 Swift 4 Git Open your terminal and download these requirements. Downloading and installing git

Download OpenSSL and libssl-dev

Now, download swift 4.

After downloading and installing everything, untar the swift 4 file by running

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Postfix Configuration using Mac OS X

What is postfix? Postfix is a native mail transfer agent for sending emails, it is natively installed in OS X, all I’m going to show is how to configure it. Open your terminal and log in as a root user. Next, enter this line, “vi /etc/postfix/” without the quotes,  add this line

save the file, google “how to use vi” if you aren’t familiar with it. We need to

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Working with Parse & Swift 2.0

Download the complete project file. | Download Parse is a back-end provider for you app or any other platform, it’s the best solution for you online & offline back-ends. Let’s get started, create a Parse account. You can sign up at using your Facebook, Github, or Google+ account, or by email. Go to and click Create a New App. Name your app Paws and hit create. In the

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