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Install Django 2 in Mac with Pip and Virtual Env

In this post, you will be able to accomplish the following: Install Python3 on Mac Install pip3 on Mac Install and run a Django 2 project brew install python                      note: If you get this kind of error, run the following below.             

        then this:

run ptyhon3 to check if python is successfully installed.           

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Pod Install hanging/stuck

Today, I was trying to work with parse and when I “pod install” my project file, my terminal got stuck for hours. So i googled around searching for a fix, and here’s what I found if ever you ran into the same problem.

enter those cmd’s in terminal inside your project file. And done, your podfile will be installed.  

animateWithDuration from swift 1.3 to swift 2.0

animateWithDuration from swift 1.3 to swift 2.0

Initializing variables cleaner with xcode7 beta-5 & swift2

Sometimes when creating a variable, a couple of alerts warnings shows up, “variable was not initialize” “variable ‘ ‘ was written but never used” Most of Us ignores it and go on, but if you want your code to be cleaner, warning-free project, here’s a work around for you.