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iOS App Memory Budget

When building an app, it’s always better to be aware of your apps memory.Screenshot 2015-02-28 17.19.55

Things to consider:

  • Limit your assets file size or just load them when they are need.
  • Avoid memory splashes.
  • try not to go beyond 65Mb of RAM, it would kill your app instantly anyway.

iPad1: 127MB/256MB/49% (crash amount/total amount/percentage of total)
iPad2: 275MB/512MB/53%
iPad3: 645MB/1024MB/62%
iPad4: 585MB/1024MB/57% (iOS 8.1)
iPad Mini 1st Generation: 297MB/512MB/58%
iPad Mini retina: 696MB/1024MB/68% (iOS 7.1)
iPad Air: 697MB/1024MB/68%
iPad Air 2: 1195MB/2048MB/58%
iPod touch 4th gen: 130MB/256MB/51% (iOS 6.1.1)
iPod touch 5th gen: 286MB/512MB/56% (iOS 7.0)
iPhone4: 325MB/512MB/63%
iPhone5: 645MB/1024MB/62%
iPhone5S: 646MB/1024MB/63%
iPhone6: 645MB/1024MB/62%
iPhone6+: 645MB/1024MB/62%


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