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converting vmdk to qcow2 in Linux

vdmk file extension is used by HyperV qcow2 file extension used by UNL(Unified Network Lab) – Ubuntu If you are  working on .ova file the best thing to do is to extract it first using this command

  Login as root and run the following commands

If you dont have the qemu-img package or repo yet, download it using the following commands from various linux flavours Ubuntu

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Using LDAP and PHP to communicate with Active Directory

A simple function that authenticates your user in LDAP active directory  using PHP,

credits to Joe from

Orbi App!

Check out this app made by the dude from ! Orbi is a social experience built around the creation of 9 second voice notes. Do you love to sing? Rap? Beatbox? Or can you crack wicked jokes? Reel out punchlines? And impersonate voices? Are you looking for a new, incredibly fun social experience? Orbi is a new, exciting social app built to get millions of people around the world talking

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“-bash: pod: command not found” in El Capitan

I updated my OS X to El Capitan 2 days ago, today, I wanted to try ParseUI, so I went to terminal and configured my Podfile. I typed pod install, and suddenly, terminal does not recognize the command “pod”. I googled around and found this fix.


‘Tried to save an object with a new, unsaved child.’ swift parse

Have you encountered this problem using swift? I did, and I went mental for days, I posted questions on forums, parse google group, and stackoverflow. Luckily after 3 days, someone replied to my question in stackoverflow, finally a relief.  I’ll provide a solution for you. If you are trying to present a view after logging in, where the next view you presented has a query in it, this will trigger

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