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Swift web framework and HTTP server on Linux

You ever thought of writing all your codes in Swift? Now you can, with IBM’s Kitura, a Swift web framework and HTTP server that runs on OS X or Linux.


  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Swift 4
  • Git

Open your terminal and download these requirements.
Downloading and installing git

Download OpenSSL and libssl-dev

Now, download swift 4.

After downloading and installing everything, untar the swift 4 file by running this cmd.

replace swift.tar.gz to the actual file you download.

After extracting, navigate inside the file and try running swift, use cd to change folder and ls to list what lies inside the directory you’re in.

exit from swift by typing :exit

once you are out of swift, in the terminal, type pwd and copy the location output.

Next is to export the path so we can run Swift wherever we are terminally.

Go to your home directory

Ater export the PATH

Note: if you are struggling on how to use vi? try gedit. i.e. gedit .profile

After opening .profile, navigate at bottom and add the export command you did, after #set PATH….

You should be able to run swift anywhere now, now we run kitura!


Create a folder myFirstProject or any name you prefer in terminal

Go inside myFirstProject folder

Inside the folder enter this command

It should look something like this


From the screenshot above, you see the package.swift file, which is the manifest file, all your dependencies goes in there, vi Package.swift or gedit Package.swift .

Inside Package.swift, enter the following.

Save and exit when you are done, next is to navigate to Sources/myFirstProject/ and vi main.swift

inside main.swift, your code should look like this

Go back to myFirstFolder and start your Kitura web server.

Open firefox and go to localhost:8080

That’s it, you can now right a web application using Apple’s Swift.

Next week I’ll post something about SwiftKueryMySQL.


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